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Agile development (Methodology)

ASMI provides the Agile development services and we deliver the projects based on Agile methodologies. Our Agile methodology is a hybrid model based on best practices and we have embraced the best Agile best practices from our engagements to bring greater efficiencies spanning the development and operations phases.

Our company is your gateway to high-performing Agile development projects so your project can undergo an agile transformation!

We'll work side-by-side with your teams to execute projects rapidly and properly while teaching them the ins and outs of Agile best practices.

Objectives of ASMI Agile development services

  • Agile consulting services for transitioning from Waterfall to Agile Methodology
  • Agile Implementation Services
  • End to End DevOps offerings for agility through the following services
  • ALM
  • Test Acceleration
  • Environment Automation
  • Release Automation
  • Customer Feedback Loop Management

Benefits of ASMI Agile development

  • Reduced project delivery risk
  • Flexible engagement models for right value delivery keeping scope flexible
  • Constant customer feedback to manage change effectively
  • Improved team collaboration, enhanced trust, and delivery success
  • The best productivity improvement using agile practices

Our Agile Development Methodology

Our Agile Development process offers opportunities in assessing the direction throughout the development lifecycle. Our company has the dedicated professionals involved that are capable of communicating effectively and understand all aspects of the development process. Development time and marketing costs are considerably reduced due to the "inspect and adapt" approach which is an exclusive feature of our agile development services.

Some of the key features

  • Continuous and integrated collaboration techniques
  • High transparency and customized Agile tools
  • Iterative design and unique architecture
  • Flexible team development environment accommodating people working from multiple locations
  • Offers the ability to access tools related to agile management to support stakeholders


  • Tools assessment for Agile development which includes ALM and DevOps tools
  • Consulting services for Agile adoption, transition, and improvement
  • Application Development using Agile Methodologies
  • Agile process and tools set up for continuous integration, build automation, test automation and release and deployment

© Copyright 2017- Asmi Solutions Pvt Ltd

© Copyright 2017- Asmi Solutions Pvt Ltd