Remote Support Services

Companies operate various operations every day and the availability of these systems, applications play a crucial role to companies to continue their business.  Supporting these systems and their users require a robust and highly available remote support service that support technicians to troubleshoot and resolve IT issues remotely.

Other than software-based on-premise remote assistance programs, ASMI provides a support services to our clients. We provide the most advanced, reliable, and secure remote support services.

We provide the complete support to our users to understand how we provide services. We also allow users to use their device cameras to capture any object on video. Technicians can view the video and use our company’s feature to make annotations on the object. The lens allows any object that can be captured by device cameras to be supported remotely by the ASMI remote support service.

It is important that you remember this service does require that the device is actively connected to the internet and that many issues will still require onsite service.


Advantages of ASMI support services

ASMI’s rich features enable support organizations to enhance their competitiveness. We support multiple desktop and mobile platforms. Our technicians provide support for Windows and OS X users as well as Android and iOS users.

Our company’s remote support services allow technicians to view and remote-control desktops and device screens in order to perform diagnostic and recovery tasks. With our secure remote access software, data from all remote support sessions are encrypted using AES256 encryption to safeguard user privacy.

Our company’s rich features enable organizations to boost productivity and first-call resolution rates which lead to lower engagement volume, lower operational costs, quicker ROI, and consequently, increased competitive advantage.

Our Remote Support Services can remove these efficiencies killing problems. Our services can be used for diagnosing problems, training, updates, and even repair. 

© Copyright 2017- Asmi Solutions Pvt Ltd

© Copyright 2017- Asmi Solutions Pvt Ltd